HIDDEN WORLDS showcases strange music from all corners of the underground and beyond. Hosted by Moon Myst Music.


Dave Sams "Aros - Thom" (Side A) [from "Aros - Thom" cassette, self-released 2017]
Moods "The Pure" & "Made in Dreams" [from "The Sanctuary in You" cassette, Sacred Phases 2010]
Guilty Connector "Kanjosen Nightfall" [from "Kanjosen Nightfall" cassette, Neon Audio Tapes 2009]
The Glass Path "Floating Heads in Rhapsody" (Side A) [from "Floating Heads in Rhapsody" cassette, Imminent Frequencies 2017]
The Blue Humans featuring Rudolph Grey "Lightning" [from "Clear to Higher Time" cassette, New Alliance Records 1992]
Geraniums "Untitled" [unreleased, recorded by Dave Sams for Moon Myst Music 2017]
Solange "Several Songs" [from "Belly to Bust..." cassette, Crimson Ward Trhauma 2016]
Snake Eyes "Death" (Side A) [from "Death" cassette, Midnight Star Media 2015]
R.R.S. (Robert Ridley Shackleton) "Alied Carput2" (Side B) [from "Alied Carput2" cassette, Cardboard Club 2016]
Lidless Eye "The Virgin Exorcist" (Side A) [from "The Virgin Exorcist" cassette, Green Tapes 2013]
Blue Spectrum "I Don't Exist" (Side B) [from "I Don't Exist" cassette, self-released 2011]
The Crushing of the Gutz "Several Songs" [from self-titled cassette, Fatal Bong Tapes 2016]
Carrie Brownstain "Blueboy" [from self-titled cassette, Talentless Tapes 2017]
Carcinomas of Unknown Primary Origin "Urocongenital Maceration on a Violently Aborted Deformed Fetus" [from cassette of the same name, Regurgitated Stoma-Stew 2013]
Total Shit Project "Several Songs" [from split cassette with Necroidiot, Tranquility Denial 2017]