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Moon Myst Bandcamp
EXBX Tapes Bandcamp (old label)
Tranquility Denial Catalog

Moon Myst Music is a small experimental DIY label from Michigan that specializes in small-run, boutique releases from underground artists the world over. Releases are proudly hand-made and home-dubbed with care.
moon myst artists/collaborators/friends:

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Boardinghouse (Josh Burke) bandcamp
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Green Records (Knox Mitchell) blog
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MGUN (Manuel G) bandcamp
Mold Omen bandcamp
Not Very Nice Records (Zach Howard) bandcamp
Obozdur (Russia) bandcamp
John Olson bandcamp
Poor Little Music (Rob Michalchuk) bandcamp
Psy-Fiction Records (Russia) bandcamp
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Second Skin Tapes (Clinical Trials) bandcamp
Solange bandcamp
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Tarpit soundcloud
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