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10.24.17: Almost the entire back catalog (as well as new releases) now available on our bandcamp! We also added quite a few older releases to the EXBX tapes archival bandcamp. Enjoy!

9.28.17: NEW GLOOMY and MACABRE releases for fall/HALLOWEEN....

DOORWAYS TO HELL II "Sculptures of Ittenbach" double cassette (2xC90)
For the sequel to 2015's film evisceration case study, we disfigure four vhs gore classics directed by Olaf Ittenbach. Ittenbach's films push the limits of splatter and require great resolve to endure for even the most desensitized mutants. Bits and pieces of decayed vhs audio are crudely stitched together to create dark and unpleasantly rotting ambient discompositions. Nasties included in this three-hour set include: Black Past (1989), Premutos (1997), Beyond the Limits (2003), and the masterpiece, The Burning Moon (1992). Edition of 20 double cassettes, full-color artwork. All sound sampled, mixed, and edited (from the films) by D.Dlugosielski, 2017.

MOSSY THROATS "Embalmer's Story" cassette (C47)
The sound of blood pumped away rhythmically, replaced with medical fluids. Crepuscular thud-heavy electronic drums summon deathly and harsh whispers from the EMBALMER. Edition of 20 cassettes, full-color artwork. All sound by D.Dlugosielski, 2017.

GEL MAUSOLEUM "The Flesh Staircase" cassette (C60)
Hi-tech lurching death slowly spreads putrid gas over the FLESH STAIRCASE. An hour of uneasy, nebular murk and gunk that forever unfolds its sooty and rotted interior. Panic-room chamber music. Edition of 20 cassettes, full-color artwork. All sound by D.Dlugosielski, 2017.

GERANIUMS "Acidic" digital lp
A bloodthirsty new set of attacks from GERANIUMS. First release with our new member, ZACH HOWARD (Merciless Game, TSP, Shroud) on guitar disintegration. A bombastic and horrifying physical force of havoc and disorder via heavy confusion patterned drums, guitar grinding and reed violence. All sound by Jessie, Daniel, and Zach in September 2017 at MUG. link

MOSSY THROATS "Early Deformity" digital lp
A collection of ancient decrepit audio gunk from compilations or otherwise from between 2008-2010. All sound by D.Dlugosielski, 2008-2010. link



08.09.17: NEW RELEASES!!

D.DLUGOSIELSKI "Wilting Earth" double-cassette (C60+C90) [edition of 20 double cassettes]
A collection of hard-to-find decayed solo reed lunacy recorded between 2015 and 2017. "Wilting Earth" is an expansive anthology, covering a diverse array of premises and aproaches to deathly and awkward solo free jazz. Enormous suites of gruesome psy pack this 2 and a half hour double cassette. Full-color artwork, edition of 20 double cassettes.

GERANIUMS "Omnibus Volume One" cdr+cassette set (77min cdr+C20) [edition of 30 sets]
Wild drum and sax improv PSY MADNESS. Here we have all of our recorded material to date, as well as a vicious live cassette! Full-speed push-your-skull-out-your-face psy skronk from GERANIUMS (Jessie Dlugosielski and Dan Dlugosielski, Detroit). Not much open space, in fact the space's walls are crumbling and being pounded into dust! Full-color artwork in soft poly-box, edition of 30 cdr+tape sets.

METAL DUNGEON "Blut Knistern" cassette (C20) [edition of 30 cassettes]
Another incredible installment of MMM's "found master" series. METAL DUNGEON (Detroit) creates a tense static field of sharp buzzing debris on "Blut Knistern." Tin electrical currents swell and stagnate, punctuated by hot white helpless stabs into the deadlocked vibrating slurry. All sounds by Wade Kergan and Davin Brainard around 2011. Full-color artwork, edition of 30 cassettes.

SOLANGE "Peep Toe Ankle Boot on Cobblestone: Premorbidity of Delicate Throat-Slitter" cassette (C60) [edition of 30 cassettes]
An immensely twisted (and highly reccomended!) trip of a cassette. SOLANGE (Ivo Musa, Canada) presents 17 dense and varied headscratchers on "Peep Toe..." A contorted mix of sampling, noise, drums and other peculiarities are the chosen tools for a rare and unusual take on Giallo-influenced extreme music. High energy, colorful and full of surprises... a truly meticulous labor of love. Full-color artwork, edition of 30 cassettes.

CLINICAL TRIALS "Raze Out the Written Troubles of the Brain" cassette (C20) [edition of 30 cassettes]
A crawling, mealy-mouthed atmosphere of sloshing gunk from CLINICAL TRIALS (Mike Mahoney, USA.) A murky and vicous current helplessly washes away your facial features as you enjoy this bisection of the written troubles of the brain. Full-color artwork, edition of 30 cassettes.



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